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  • April 2012

    Listeners will remember 7 year-old Memozia from Japan who appeard a few episodes back. Jenna got a special letter from her and her family today. Apparently May has a special Children’s Day where folks hang “carp streamers” to celebrate the personalities of children and to wish them steady growth and good fortune.

    Special thanks and well wishes from the Kennison family to the Yamamoto family!

    logo-podcastkid-1400There are lots of things that aren’t very fun… but are still very good for you.

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    logo-podcastkid-1400Jenna talks about Easter, Easter Eggs, interviews a listener from Japan and performs her new character, Annoying Girl!

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    32 – The Tree Club

    April 1, 2012 · 0 comments

    logo-podcastkid-1400Jenna talks about peer pressure, books she’s read, movies she’s seen and what she’s been up to during spring break!

    Help Jenna raise money for her favorite charity (BGMC) by sponsoring an episode of Podcast Kid!