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  • 45 – Explaining Depression

    November 22, 2014 · 2 comments

    45-explaining-depressionHow do you explain Depression to a kid? What is it? How does it feel? What can kids do to help someone who is depressed? This episode, while not exhaustive, will help any child understand what someone with Depression is going through.


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    • Roboref

      I love, love, love listening to the Podcast Kid and the Grateful Kid! Thanks so much for sharing such joy with us. (I’m outside your main audience group – more grandma age – but I really enjoy hearing Jenna and Jay talking about things that matter to them) I am so impressed with the way you both handled the complicated issue of depression. Wonderful! I imagine it will really help a lot of kids and parents. Thanks for everything you do.

    • Most amazing!! PLEASE PLEASE say you’re around and well!?!?? Many ppl care about what you guys are up to and how you’re doing? This podcast has me a listener for life: even if that means I have to listen to archives only I’m in! But do let us know how you’re doing! God bless listening from Canada on the tune in app on iTunes.

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