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    Podcast Kid discusses kid centered issues from a kid’s perspective. Each show has fun discussions, stories, music, tips and a moral. Every week the Podcast Kid shares her thoughts and opinions on topics that matter to kids. The show includes funny discussions, stories, helpful tips and silly music. Parents will appreciate how each show reinforces good behavior and habits.


    About Jenna

    Jenna is a 7 year old girl in 2nd grade who loves (and I mean LOVES) to talk. She’s been podcasting with her dad since she was barely three years old. Listeners to Geek Loves Nerd have appreciated her JennaCast segments enough that Jenna and her Daddy thought they should start their own show together for kids.


    About J

    J is an awesome little 4 year old boy who wants to fight bad guys and be an Avenger every day. He loves going to pre-K and play fighting with his Dad. He’s new to this podcasting thing… but he’s not going to let that stop him.


    About James

    James is Jenna and J’s Daddy. He’s the “Other Guy” on the show. He likes making kids laugh and learn. He also helps the Podcast Kids get their podcast on the Internet. He also likes singing silly songs sometimes!