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  • 38 – Mean Girls

    June 30, 2014 · 2 comments


    Jenna talks with her Dad about how some girls are threatened by the good things other girls can do… and how that ought not be.


    Show Recap:

    • We interview Jenna who is now 9 years old and find out what’s new!
    • Jenna visited a water park, Downtown Disney, played a game at church with toilet paper, had no cavities after a trip to the dentist, and upgraded to a loft bed from Ikea.
    • Main Topic: Mean Girls – Why do some girls need to put others down? Why the competitiveness?
    • Book Reviews: Mysterious Benedict Society, Tomorrow Girls
    • Movies/TV: Smurfs 2, Zapped, Girl Meets World

    Links Mentioned:

    Next Week’s Topic:

    • Boredom


    • Krista Siringo

      Awesome job Jenna! You sound just like Elsa and the other girls should stop and think about what they’re saying to you. And how it would feel if someone did that to them.
      Hannah and Isabelle, 8 years old

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