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  • Merry Christmas From The Podcast Kid

    December 25, 2010 · 0 comments

    Jenna says:

    “Merry Christmas to all of you I hope you have a fun Christmas. Thank you for listenening to my show. The people who got the Podcast Kid shirts, thank you Dads or your Moms cause they got that for you. Thank my Dad too because he made the whole store. Have a Merry Christmas!”

    Jenna got a photo from Emily as she held up her Podcast Kid Tshirt. Jenna was very excited to see it.

    Jenna got a lot of Zu-zu Pets, bath stuff, play makeup, art projects, some movies, a Hello Kitty game for the DS and a Sleeping bag buddy.

    Dunder got an Iron Man mask, some remote controlled cars, and some Dinosaur Train toys that talk to each other.

    We won’t be recording a show this week… but we’ll see you next week in 2011!

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