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  • Support Jenna’s BGMC Giving Goal!

    July 29, 2011 · 1 comment

    Jenna, the Podcast Kid, will be participating in a BGMC Bike-a-thon on August 6th. Her goal is to raise at least $100 for kids around the world… and you can help!

    BGMC stands for Boys and Girls Missions Challenge. Jenna loves giving to BGMC and has sacrificed special outings, privileges and even her school’s pizza day to raise money to help kids hear about Jesus’s love for them. Being 6 years old, she’s done everything she can to reach her $100 goal… and has topped out at 3 bucks. Her hope is to get enough sponsorships in real life, and through the podcast to meet or exceed her goal. She’s even learned to ride her bike in order to participate.

    Consider giving a one-time donation via Paypal to help Jenna reach her goal.


    *** Update *** Hear Jenna talk about missions in her latest podcast.

    *** Update 2 ***

     Through the kindness of: Tammy E., Sherri G., James V., Rachel Z, and a couple other unnamed folks Jenna is 53 dollars closer to her goal of $100! Thanks!


    • Tammy & Makayla

      I love listening to your podcast with ny neice and we are looking forward to hearing more from you. Makayla also said JoJo is funny but she likes your daddy better.

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