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  • Why There Haven’t Been Any New Episodes of Podcast Kid

    January 17, 2014 · 4 comments


    This update for the parents and guardians.

    As you know we haven’t produced a Podcast Kid in over a year. We here in the Kennison household are all well. We miss podcasting. It’s just that James (aka: The Other Guy aka: The Dad), had a serious bout with Major Depressive Disorder and a lot of things in our world have changed in the past year. Things are much better now and we hope that one day soon Podcast Kid will start again… this time with two kids! Both Jenna and her brother J would like to talk about stuff that matters to kids and their parents.

    Adults can read a bit more about James’ story here. Things are almost back to normal now… (Most recent life update) but the article will give you an idea of why everything just kind of quit all at once.

    Here are some links to things that I, Jenna’s Dad, am doing online that you might enjoy.

    The Made My Day Podcast – A weekly show celebrating the little, tiny, wonderful things in life.
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    I’m writing on Depression Issues and Bible Stuff over at JamesKennison.com

    Of course there’s Twitter

    Thanks for your support. Stay subscribed and who knows… maybe one day 9 year old Jenna and 5 year old J will invade your earbuds once again.


      Hi James,
      Man I’m so sorry to hear about your battle with depression. My prayer is that God will provide a way for healing for you to be free from this crippling condition.
      It must be so hard on your very patient loving wife and your two amazing kids that you’ve been suffering from this.
      I do miss the Podcast Kid, the fun, laughter & the topics covering life in general. I feel such a podcast would reach the wider community, especially those outside the church or do not know Jesus, and that the wit & wisdom of a child would touch a chord with people of all ages. It certainly has for me and I value Jenna’s advice about self-esteem. That chord reached me all the way to Australia.
      Anyway, I pray that God will open many doors for you all to return to the airwaves, stronger, bigger with an impact that will change the world……….through the voice of a child such as Jenna & now there’s Dundar on board as well!
      God bless you all, and James remember: you are not alone! You have the power of Heaven on your side with a great cloud of witnesses cheating you to the finish line!
      Keep going strong for The Lord, guys!!
      With Love From Australia,
      Greg Oates.

      • GREG OATES

        Dumb stupid auto-spelling!!! AAARRRRGGGHHH!! It’s cheering, not cheating!!

    • janice and anna

      Thank you for the update. We have been coming back often for podcast updates. I belie be Anna has listened to all the old ones at least 4times each as they are part of her bedtime route to listen and fall asleep. We understand your struggles and will remain your fans for when you do return 🙂 Hugs and love from Montana

    • I found Podcast Kid today and my kids love it! They’ve listened nonstop to 3 different shows so far. They were laughing, I was laughing. My daughter is 7, my son is 4. Sorry to read about your depression. I went through it for over a year and during my first pregnancy. I refused to take meds because I was pregnant but daily I would cry a lot, balled up in my bed, or my car during work breaks and family get togethers. I would just cry on the spot constantly. I felt so hopeless and thought it would never end. What helped me after giving birth was being around positive people, my family was wonderful with me. After delivery I began working out regularly, and a lot of Bible studying and prayer. Even now I find that jogging relieves so much built up stress. The thing about that is… You have to force yourself to be around people and get up and workout or jog and do what you enjoy. The desire isn’t there naturally during depression, but the benefit is great. Maybe God is showing you that meds aren’t going to save you, only He can. Listen to KLOVE. Reassure yourself of all your God-given gifts. He doesn’t want you to waste them. It’s kind of mental too. I had to constantly speak life to myself and speak encouraging scriptures even though in the beginning I didn’t believe it. The only motivation I had was my daughter. I love her ao much that I refused to stay down. She deserved better and I wanted to be there for her and show her joy. God bless you! I hope you’ve gotten much better since your last post.

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